Expanding true possibility for everyone

People Serving People

Bernadette Glass & Associates (BG&A) is a Melbourne-based service that supports the human services sector across Australia.

People Serving People simply explains the essence of what the human services is about. Exploring the depth of what this looks like in practice is at the centre of our workshops and consultations.

We offer workshops based on and expansion of The Strengths Approach in 

  • Casework
  • Supervision
  • Team Leadership
  • Mediation and Facilitation
We meet with organisations and individuals to support them to reflect on the following:
1. A  Purpose that is understood by all  - namely that every one of us longs for self acceptance, relationships with others that are non imposing, equality and freedom of choice to make a contribution to a more harmonious world.

2. Practice that reflects the above purpose and is alive in the systems and structures we work within as well as in our own personal practice and self responsibility.

3. Quality of Presence that cannot be found in qualifications or years of experience. Presence is a quality that builds trust and reliability.

 The most complex of situations benefit from returning to these simple principles and asking equally simple questions such as, 'what will truly support me and what will best support the client, at this point?' Which structures, systems, processes an resources will support me and the client?

We are known for our work assisting organisations to develop The Strengths Approach (TSA) in their service to clients and each other. This is a natural way of being and communicating when our focus is to truly support another to grow and develop.

We don't go about wondering if people have strengths - we know they do! ~ Bernadette Glass