About Bernadette Glass

Bernadette Glass Bernadette Glass, Director at BG&A, has worked in the human services arena for a combined 35 years - in the health, family, youth and housing support sectors.

In the late 1990s, after gaining inspiration, practice and support from St Luke’s in Bendigo, she commenced training and consultation, presenting The Strengths Approach throughout the human services sector.

Today she also works casually as a community nurse in the homeless services and is faced with the often challenging experiences of client engagement relationship building and networking with other services.

Bernadette moves to where her work takes her - across Australia and to New Zealand. What inspires Bernadette today is our innate knowing that the quality of our relationships are what truly makes a difference in our work.

A large component of Bernadette’s service has taken place in the Early Childhood Intervention sector (ECIS). She has worked with allied health workers and others to understand and develop the processes and skills involved in supporting families with children with a developmental delay or diagnosis of disability. Bernadette has consulted with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in producing  Strengths-based resources in Victoria.


Our philosophy

Making true connections with others can inspire them to see and feel themselves as equals and to make small steps toward change and growth. This is our call in human services, to create an environment where such growth, development and awareness becomes possible…this can occur in a moment or in a session or in a workshop… creating such moments and supporting them to be implemented in to practice is the essence of our work.

We are all equal as human beings and all of us respond to being ‘met’ and cared for. Although this takes different forms across different relationships, in essence it means the same thing:

when another person truly meets us, we feel we are equal, with no expectations stemming from imposed ideals and beliefs.

With such acceptance, as practitioners, we are more likely to feel able to be more of ourselves and afford that same possibility in other individuals, groups or communities. With this focus our interaction is based on what is true and present in ourselves, our clients and colleagues.

Bernadette Glass & Associates is continually developing and presenting in ways that call forth the true possibilities in others.