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Addressing Tension in Teams: Part 2

Further to the last blog on addressing tension in teams Part 2 relates to how best we can respond rather than react to the many tensions we get to feel during our days.

Some tips on responding to tension as opposed to reacting to it:

1. Call the tension out by naming it first to yourself and then either in the group or to a trusted person who can support you.
2. Name the issue to an individual from the team whom you feel is brining the issue into the group or raise the issue in the group.
3. If addressing the group, express clearly what you notice and what you feel, without blame. For example: I feel a tension in the group every time x topic is raised and I can feel and see people withdraw.
4. Invite others to respond. For example: Is anyone else noticing the same reaction?
5. Allow others time to respond, understanding that they may not be ready or may be feeling even more tension now the issue has been raised.
6. Offer support to the group or individual to assist to further explore or resolve the issue. For example: I’m willing to have a discussion with others on this topic before the next meeting if anyone would like to join.
7. There may be no response to you raising the issue or support in finding a way forward.
8. Appreciate that you have named the issue and don’t underestimate the impact of doing so.
9. Raise the issue again if needed, without attachment to how others respond or react.
10. Stay connected with your own purpose, open to responding for the benefit of the whole team.

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