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Bernadette Glass speaks with colleagues about Addressing Tension in Teams

Addressing Tension in Teams: Part 2

Further to the last blog on addressing tension in teams Part 2 relates to how best we can respond rather than react to the many tensions we get to feel during our days. Some tips on responding to tension as opposed to reacting to it:

The Strengths Approach pioneer, Bernadette Glass has a team meeting with her associates

The Power of Team Meetings

This morning I met with a group of team leaders and the topic of team meetings was raised. We love or loathe team meetings, find them boring or stimulating or just a waste of the time we could be spending on something more productive, like

Bernadette Glass engages in Team Supervision with others

10 Tips for Supervision

What is happening in Supervision? Do your team members share how valuable the supervision time was with you? Do they feel ‘met’ by you in a way they know their work is a shared responsibility? On a macro level, supervision is really about supporting your