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Human Services Practitioner

Hippopotamus poking its head out of a river representing The River Metaphor.

Are You In The River?

Our work in the human services is based on the premise that others need support to stay afloat, to keep their head above water, to navigate the turbulent times or even to reconstruct their leaking vessels (to continue with the water analogy). Clients often feel

Burnout in the Human Services

No cost Burnout Insurance

What is burn out? There are reams written about it and there is endless advice and preventative measures to ensure one can deal with burnout. What if we could be guaranteed to never contract this condition called burnout? Sound far-fetched? Read on… What are the

Bernadette Glass teaches a workshop on The Strengths Approach

Our Enoughness – A Priceless Gift to Treasure

As the cycle completes for 2018, I’d like to express my appreciation for all who have continued to support and participate in both the Casework and Supervision Workshops as well as the organisations that I have worked in during the year. This year I have