Bernadette Glass & Associates currently offers three streams of service – workshops, support for individuals and teams/organisations, and presentations. An overview of each is provided below.


At the heart of our workshops is the intention to make a strong connection with participants. This connection models the relationships that form the foundation of all relationships from the board room to the tea room whether we are in leadership and management positions, supervisors, admin workers or case workers. From this place we present the various skills and activities that are called The Strengths Approach. An invitation to first consider the development of self awareness, self reflection and self responsibility as service providers at all levels, is discussed.

See our Workshop Calendar for details of upcoming workshops or contact Bernadette Glass & Associates to arrange in-house delivery of services.

Support for individuals and teams/organisations

Supervision/Practice Support

Taking the opportunity to honestly reflect as individuals and on the impact of our work is a self-caring act. We underestimate the impact our environment and our own lack of self-care and self-awareness can have on our health and well-being - let alone on the clients to whom we are funded/employed to offer our services.

Support sessions in the form of individual supervision or peer support sessions as well as facilitated team debriefings are also offered by BG&A as are one-to-one sessions.

Facilitation/mediation/conflict management

Organisations regularly invite BGA to support their development at a variety of levels, including team development and sorting through issues on which people and teams have become ‘stuck’ and contracted. Mediation between individuals and or groups, restorative justice processes and on-going support are also offered.

Contact Bernadette Glass & Associates to discuss your individual or organisational requirements.

Workplace Mini-Retreats

What if the key to maintaining a consistent and enriching working life was based on our relationship and commitment to our body?

Our 90 minute Mini-Retreats can be held at any workplace and invite participants to reconnect to their vitality and self-empowerment, whilst offering supportive tools to deal with the very real challenges that arise in any working day.

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Presentations at conferences

BG&A is often invited to present at conferences in the health and disability sectors and other areas of service.

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