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Supervision can be the most inspiring and confirming part of our working week, or it can be a nuts and bolts reporting session which is one dimensional, draining and a reminder of the never decreasing mountain of work.

The Strengths Approach to Supervision parallels our approach with clients – identifying what’s working well and where there may be challenges or stuck-ness. Of course, it includes the accountability, education conversations, however the best part is working with your supervisor to untangle the thoughts, beliefs and blind spots to moving forward. Learn how to build on your practitioner strengths and or confirm your supervisor strengths in Bernadette’s face to face or online supervision sessions. Our own self-awareness is the key to learning and inspiring others to be their best at work.

Supervision with Bernadette Glass One to One Sessions

One to One Supervision

1 hour /// Online or In-person

Bernadette Glass currently conducts both in-person and online supervision sessions for professionals in the Health and Human Services sector using a strength based approach. Through Supervision with Bernadette you are able to express, question and inquire in order to create the space that can allow new understandings to emerge that you can then take into your day-to-day practice.

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Supervision with Bernadette Glass Group Sessions

Group Supervision

1 hour /// Online or In-person

Strength based support is grounded in Group Supervision. In this facilitated process you’ll come together with colleagues to share, learn and develop your skills in an honest and safe environment.

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Strength based Supervision Workshop

The Strength Based Approach to Supervision – Parallel Partners in Service Delivery

6 Hours /// In-Person /// Next Training: Wednesday 24 May, 2023

As supervisors we understand that accountability, support, education and mediation are central to our role. But what does that look like in practice, and what role does a supervisor play beyond delivering these essential functions?

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