What participants and clients have said about working with BGA

Bernadette Glass & Associates (BGA) has worked with many organisations and individuals in the human services sector. Here’s what some of them have to say.

I would just like to say a big thank you for the in service you presented over the past two days. I think it is the best in service l have ever attended  in my professional career and will hopefully  be able to implement all the strategies so l can develop relationships that are full of "enoughness" for the families l will be working with. Thank you for all the insight you have given to me in having conversations with not just families but all the people in my life.
"Our organisation has engaged the services of Bernadette Glass in the past year and we have found her to be a skilled facilitator who is both engaging of participants and an experienced practitioner. Bernadette has the ability to create a safe environment during her workshops, thus reflecting the essence of best practice with clients. The safety of the group allows the often sensitive and difficulty nature of our work to be more fully explored and honest discussions to be held". Bernadette's brave, personal and honest approach engages people on a deep and personal level to explore and reflect on their practice."
Niky Hepi, Service Dev. Project Leader, Vision Australia
“Bernadette and Shirley are skillful group facilitators committed to reaching collaborative outcomes. I am impressed by their ability to take very sensitive and complex problems and engage participants in meaningful dialogue. Thank you for facilitating discussions within a safe and respectful manner. Your insights, fearless advice and sensitive approach was extremely valuable in reaching collaborative group outcomes!”
Antoinette Mertins-Merri, Community Health Services
“I got so much out of the Strengths Based Leadership training I did with Bernadette Glass & Associates. The two days allowed me to hear from others, discuss work issues and look at solutions. The delivery of the training is presented in a gentle and non-imposing way allowing the participants to really feel how they may be in the workplace. It was a lovely way to reflect on who I am being in the workplace.”
Ruah, Program Manager, Perth
“Your casework presentation was exactly what I needed to get a good clear reflection of where I am in how I work with my clients/patients. Challenging, in that I could see very clearly where I still impose when I fall into 'helping' or 'fixing' rather than 'working with'; and so expanding and joyful when, instead of falling into the role of 'nurse', I just remember to be all of me and truly connect with people. I am enjoying using the tools you shared with us. Your clarity of expression, ability to connect and to keep it simple are very inspiring.”
Palliative Care Nurse in the Community, NZ.
“Our organization had identified the importance of Strengths Based Practice for our work with vulnerable families and each other. We knew we had to train all our staff – but were unsure about the best way to go about this. We engaged Bernadette Glass and Associates to firstly deliver the training for a large cohort of the staffing group – and secondly to train a core group of staff who would be qualified to train others in the Strengths Approach. Bernadette took the time to understand our needs as an organization – and structured a flexible training program as a result. As a result of our work with Bernadette and Shirley Scott, our organization has been well positioned to maintain an ongoing training strategy with all staff in what the approach is – and the many ways in which the Strengths Approach can be applied. The response from staff within a wide range of roles in the organization (case workers, supervisors, administration and corporate services staff) has been overwhelming as they have been able to understand apply the principles of the approach in their day to day work. We have been able to achieve broad organizational acceptance of the approach as well a cultural change to our practice. We are now in a position where Strengths Based Practice is accepted as the baseline for practice with families and with each other in the organization.”
Manager, Family Services, Mallee Family Care, Victoria
“Our association with Bernadette Glass and Associates has been long and fruitful. We were already aware of the Strengths-based Practice approach to casework when we established contact with Bernadette, who was prepared to travel to us in WA and work with us on an on-going basis. Bernadette has since visited us every year for ten years. She has trained staff in understanding SBP - the central themes being everyone is the expert in their own lives and we simply build on what is already working well. Although these concepts seem straightforward they are difficult to carry out consistently. Bernadette has helped us to consistently apply the Practice in our everyday work, in the way we behave in the office, and in the way we treat our colleagues - as well as in our work with clients. SBP has transformed our practice and helped us to work more effectively with families, starting where they want to start, achieving the goals they want to achieve. Bernadette’s SBP casework workshop has become part of our induction process for all new staff and she has customised content to work with our admin and child care staff as well as caseworkers. We feel that she has enhanced the way we work and look forward to continuing to see her here in Perth.”
Wanslea W.A., Service Manager