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Training & Workshops

Bernadette Glass offers webinars and workshops throughout the year across multiple platforms including online, in-person or a mix of the two. All training options can be tailored to your organisation or group.



Enoughness Trumps Trauma - Webinar on Trauma-informed Care-and-Strengths-based Practice

Enoughness Trumps Trauma – A Webinar on Trauma-informed Care and Strengths-based Practice

1 hour /// Online /// Next Training: TBD

To understand trauma informed care we first need to understand what trauma is and what causes it. To understand what causes trauma we first need to understand our ‘Enoughness’. When we accept our enoughness and learn to live from it, trauma cannot define us.

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Bernadette Glass presents The Strength Based Approach for Caseworkers Educators and Allied Health Workers workshop to a group

The Strengths Approach for Caseworkers, Educators and Allied Health Workers

3 X 2 HOUR ONLINE WORKSHOPS /// Online /// Next Training: 21-Jul / 28-Jul / 4-Aug

This foundational workshop in The Strengths Approach is the perfect induction for new staff or refresher for those looking to expand their application of The Strengths Approach in their workplace.

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People-centred Conversations - Questioning to Ignite

People-centred Conversations – Questioning to Ignite and Empower

1 hour /// Online /// Next Training: TBD

Ever felt ‘stuck in the mud’ when working with clients? The questions we ask become circular and we find ourselves doing all the ‘heavy-lifting’ during the session, home visit or phone contact. We often underestimate the power of our presence and what people feel when we create an environment of safety without judgement.

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Strengths based Conversations - The Column Approach

Strengths-based Conversations: The Column Approach

1 hour /// Online /// Next Training: TBD

Get rid of the factor of feeling ‘stuck’ with this simple and practical approach. When you externalise and visually map the challenges in your casework or supervision you free yourself from feeling as though your work is stressful and overwhelming. Learn the process and use it for life.

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Insure Against Burnout Webinar

Insure Against Burnout – How to Approach Challenging Casework

1 hour /// Online /// Next Training: TBD

Whilst always adhering to our duty of care and the legal requirements needed regarding our client’s safety, the fact remains that we cannot control or force our clients to make safe and self-supportive decisions.

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Strength based Supervision Workshop

The Strength Based Approach to Supervision – Parallel Partners in Service Delivery

3 x 2 Hour Online Workshops, 1 Hour Webinar & 30 Minute 1:1 Session /// Next Training: 22-Jul / 29-Jul / 5-Aug

As supervisors we understand that accountability, support, education and mediation are central to our role. But what does that look like in practice, and what role does a supervisor play beyond delivering these essential functions?

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