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Enoughness Trumps Trauma - Webinar on Trauma-informed Care and Strengths-based Practice


Enoughness Trumps Trauma – A Webinar on Trauma-informed Care and Strengths-based Practice

1 hour /// Online /// Next training date: TBD

To understand trauma informed care we first need to understand what trauma is and what causes it. To understand what causes trauma we first need to understand our ‘Enoughness’. When we accept our enoughness and learn to live from it, trauma cannot define us.

What if our ‘Enoughness’ is our common denominator as human beings and it is what makes us all equal and knowing of our value and preciousness?

We all have feelings and we all feel hurt when we know that the qualities that should be honoured within each of us, are dismissed, ignored or abused by others or even ourselves.

The space where our ‘Enoughness’ is felt is sensitive, universal and frankly tells us that we matter, we are significant and deserve to be treated with deep respect and care. Our enoughness just is and it belongs to all, without exception.

What happens when we are not treated with the dignity and respect we deserve, and when we do not truly honour ourselves?

Is it possible that the collective innate human quality, our ‘Enoughness’, the part of us that feels life acutely, becomes bruised, damaged or shattered by this dishonouring? Is this what we call trauma? Are the protective and reactive behaviours that correspondingly follow the imposition on this known shared and sacred space within, a result of trauma?

Trauma informed care recognizes that we are not only working with the traumas of others but also with our own. How we bring Trauma informed care to ourselves becomes the foundation for how we will bring that care to all others.

In this webinar we will explore:

  • Enoughness and Trauma
  • The significant impacts of trauma – personally and culturally
  • Triggers and trauma – patterns that persist
  • Symptoms of trauma
  • The opportunities to reconnect to and lead from our enoughness
  • Practical steps to overcome trauma

Following this webinar, you will be equipped to more fully understand how trauma in our lives can be prevalent and is deeply ingrained into our society.

You will have the opportunity to reflect on how our service delivery naturally includes trauma informed care and how to expand its delivery.

You will have cues to lead conversations that offer clients an opportunity to connect with their enoughness vs their traumatic experiences.

Training Details

When: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: Online via Zoom
Investment: $47 for individuals

Custom rates are available for groups and organisations. Please contact Bernadette to discuss.

There are currently no future dates scheduled for this webinar.

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What people are saying:

When I heard you say we are already enough it was like I danced on the inside!

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