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Insure Against Burnout Webinar


Insure Against Burnout – How to Approach Challenging Casework

1 hour /// Online or In-person /// Next training date: TBD

Whilst always adhering to our duty of care and the legal requirements needed regarding our client’s safety, the fact remains that we cannot control or force our clients to make safe and self-supportive decisions.

​At particular times our enthusiasm for client change may well become Our vision for them – more than it is theirs. This can be a recipe for burnout – with practitioners working more on the client issue than the client is! Some indicators that you are working harder than the client:

  • You experience anxiousness if your client is not making changes
  • You overcompensate for your clients
  • You feel like you are spinning your wheels when the client’s steps are actually out of your hands

How do we know if and when our clients are ready and willing to take the next step to empowerment? And are we disempowering ourselves in the process? Learn how to reverse this easy to succumb to trap of wanting what is best for your client at the risk of your own wellbeing.

Learn when to go above and beyond for your client, and when you need to take a different, more measured approach. Both are needed at different times but learning when to employ each approach is key to avoiding burn out and stress.

This webinar will be supportive for all service providers, including intensive and longer-term caseworkers.

We will cover:

  • Understanding your ‘enoughness’ and purpose at work
  • The power of genuine interest and connection with our clients.
  • Remaining on the ‘banks of the river’
  • Understanding client self-determination, client directed change and responsibility including duty of care and legal orders.
  • Checking your investment in others changing and your reactions if they don’t
  • The power of practitioner consistency and self-care in the client practitioner relationship

Training Details

When: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: Online via Zoom
Investment: $47 for individuals

Custom rates are available for groups and organisations. Please contact Bernadette to discuss.

There are currently no future dates scheduled for this webinar.

If you would like Bernadette to facilitate this webinar for your organisation please call +61 417 601 817.
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What people are saying:

I found Bernadettes webinar on burnout very informative and supportive. The content reflects her many years of industry experience and sheds light on how to navigate a caring profession whilst not losing yourself. Highly recommended.

Workshop Participant