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Woman attending Strength Based Supervision Workshop


The Strength Based Approach to Supervision – Parallel Partners in Service Delivery

Three 2-hour workshops /// Online /// Next 2024 training date: 05 Jun, 12 Jun, and 26 Jun

As supervisors we understand that accountability, support, education and mediation are central to our role. But what does that look like in practice, and what role does a supervisor play beyond delivering these essential functions?

How do we bring more focus to a Strength Based Approach in our supervision practice?

The role of a supervisor is potentially life-changing for you and the practitioners you work with. You are both a leader and a role model, whose actions can have a huge impact. The steadiness and role modelling you bring as a supervisor underpins the quality and skill development of those you supervise.

Work life can be full to overflowing, and the demands on supervisors can be many & varied, but could the key to bringing greater enrichment to your work as a supervisor be simpler than at first thought? And what role does self-awareness & self-care play in the effectiveness of your work as a supervisor?

A supervisor who uses a  Strength Based Approach holds the team’s and/or individual worker’s purpose as the reference point for supervision, and works in partnership with a practitioner to develop their self-awareness and skills, paralleling the service that is then offered to clients.

Learn skills and techniques that will inspire and empower practitioners to deliver quality services and be trauma-informed, leaving an imprint that supports clients to have greater self-appreciation and empowerment, whilst bringing consistent clarity and focus to their work.

Covered in this workshop:
  • The basic principles of Strength Based Practice.
  • The supervisor’s role and responsibilities.
  • Interface between personal development and practice.
  • Understanding a Strengths Based Framework
  • Parallel practice that brings understanding & equality to the supervision relationship whilst maintaining a focus on purpose.
  • Understanding strength based trauma-informed care in relation to our clients and ourselves as practitioners.
  • Processes and techniques that enable strength based approach questions to empower practitioners.

Training Details

When: 5th, 12th, and 26th June 2024
Time: 9:30am – 11:30am
Where: Online
Investment: $350 per person (receive the early bird price of $300 if you book two weeks prior to the event)
Custom rates are available for groups and organisations. Please contact Bernadette to discuss.

If you would like Bernadette to facilitate this event for your organisation please call +61 417 601 817.
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A minimum of 4 participants is required.

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What people are saying:

About 7 years ago, I participated in Bernadettes workshop on Strengths Based Approaches as a new employee, as a paediatric dietitian, in the Child and Family team. I found this workshop extremely powerful. Since then, in various roles as a supervisor, clinical leader and coordinator, I have often referred back to this training to support my team members with their work. The strengths-based approach has allowed me to develop my skills to work with vulnerable families and the multidisciplinary team with respect and authenticity, whilst not losing sight of clinical boundaries and goals. Bernadette created a safe and engaging space to reflect and bring up complex and difficult aspects of our roles as clinicians. For a recent team planning day, Bernadette generously shared her expertise further to coach and support me in facilitating strengths-based approach activities with my team. Thank you Bernadette! Many thanks again!

Paediatric Dietitian