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Strengths-based Approach

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The Strengths-based Approach – What is it?

The Strengths-based Approach offers a way of working with both clients and colleagues that honours our equality with each other. This offers a working partnership of support based on the understanding that we are already ‘enough.’ When we connect back to this truth, the next steps to walk are with our strengths, not our perceived deficits. The Strengths-based Approach is a Person Centred Approach.

Understanding our ‘Enoughness’

Without dismissing the predicaments our clients can be facing, our practice holds as its foundation an absolute regard for every human being in their ‘enoughness’. From this foundation comes an understanding that we are not our hurts or dilemmas even if at times we find ourselves feeling very identified by past experiences, behaviours and patterns. Every conversation we have confirms the regard in which we hold our clients and reflects nothing less than the power we all have within to live to our potential. The way in which our conversations occur assume another’s strengths and capacity, regardless of the choices they make or the predicaments that exist.

People training in The Strengths-based Approach

Practitioner Self-awareness

When working with clients who are burdened by their predicaments Practitioner self-awareness becomes the most important tool we possess. It is not always easy to stay steady and to remain on the ‘banks of the river’ instead of jumping into the turbulent water with our clients, but by doing so and focusing consistently on our purpose of reflecting to another their ‘enoughness’, we model a way of being that supports our clients to connect back to their innate strengths and capacities.

What people say

“About 7 years ago, I participated in Bernadette’s workshop on Strengths Based Approaches as a new employee, as a paediatric dietitian, in the Child and Family team. I found this workshop extremely powerful. Since then, in various roles as a supervisor, clinical leader and coordinator, I have often referred back to this training to support my team members with their work. The strengths-based approach has allowed me to develop my skills to work with vulnerable families and the multidisciplinary team with respect and authenticity, whilst not losing sight of clinical boundaries and goals. Bernadette created a safe and engaging space to reflect and bring up complex and difficult aspects of our roles as clinicians. For a recent team planning day, Bernadette generously shared her expertise further to coach and support me in facilitating strengths-based approach activities with my team. Thank you Bernadette!

Many thanks again!”

Paediatric Dietitian

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