Workplace Mini-Retreats

In 2017, Bernadette Glass and Associates will begin offering in-house Workplace Mini-Retreats to organisations. The purpose of these 90 minute sessions (which can be longer if preferred) is to invite participants to reconnect with their vitality and self-empowerment whilst focusing on the purpose of their work, the everyday responsibilities and very real challenges that arise in any workplace.

The key to our vitality and wellbeing at work is our relationship with and commitment to our physical self – our bodies!

Our bodies carry us, support us and communicate our understanding, skills, inspiration, leadership, humour and much more. Our bodies also suffer when not cared for and honoured for their wisdom, intelligence and the consistent work they do to maintain harmony and bring us back to balance each day and each moment of the day.

Our Workplace Mini-Retreats engage participants in a process that explores how we can support our bodies and therefore the quality and consistency of our wellbeing and our work.

In 90 minutes we will cover a lot of ground including:

  • Mini assessment of wellbeing and connection to purpose and productivity
  • Acknowledging feelings about work
  • Appraisal of the state of our bodies
  • Self-responsibility and choice
  • Resetting our daily rhythm and rituals
  • Stocktaking and appreciation of our strengths that we bring to our work

Perfect for any workplace - including corporate, human services, education and health care.


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