Several workshops are currently available - these are outlined below. Feel free to contact us with questions relating to content, in-house training, delivery interstate or bookings.

1 day | cost $230 | 10 Sep

How we feel about our clients, participants and ourselves will be clearly reflected in the quality of engagement with them and our ability to hold everyone as an equal. Our qualification, skills and experience are important but the most powerful tool for truly supporting and empowering others is in the relationship.

2 days | cost $420 | 11 & 12 Sep

When we stop to reflect about how we provide supervision, it is in fact a reflection of the way we would be working with clients.

In this workshop we will work with the principles of Strengths-based Practice and, as is the flavour of all my workshops, we will explore the quality of what we offer those who we supervise.  What are our foundations or strengths that others can rely on and...